Who is Robin OK?

Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach *Certified Laughter Yoga Leader *Teacher of Active Dreaming *Profound connector of people & ideas * Writer of plays, poems & blurbs * Mom, wife and spirited soul sister *Lover of nature, labyrinths, mindfulness and living a sensual, impact-full life.

A Playful Q & A with Robin OK….

Q: What lights you up?
A: Can I give more than one answer? Oh, yeah, it’s up to me. Ok. Well….
It lights me up when I know I have truly connected with another person on a soul level. When people laugh together, share dreams in community and immerse in creative activities like writing, making art and sharing meaningful conversation, I know I am doing what I am meant to do.

Quick List of what lights me up:

  • Writing poetry
  • Co-creating scripts
  • Empowering girls to trust their wishes and dreams + play with glitter
  • Creating an inviting environment for family & friends to enjoy homemade food and swap stories
  • Asking a question that invites new perspective
  • Being on this spiritual journey and having mini (and mega) A-ha’s on the way

Q: What makes you mad?
A: Ahh… It makes me so mad to see profound disconnection of people from their truest selves and disconnection of people from one another.  I despise the way we are taught to conform and “fit in” instead of tuning into, trusting and being guided by our own internal truths.

Q: Where is your happy place?
A: My home is sacred – I spent much of my life dreading coming home. Now I rejoice in the comfort, beauty and ease of this sacred space……

Quick List of happy places:

  • Walking my labyrinth
  • Running in the park
  • Flying in a plane
  • Perched at the kitchen counter, watching my husband cook
  • Wandering around a fresh food market
  • Sitting on the beach
  • Lying with head on pillow whilst recalling a delicious or interesting dream…..

Q: What are you most proud of?
A: Another Quick List…

  • My 5 amazingly unique, creative children and their capacity to navigate their own lives.
  • The strength & wisdom I have learned to recognize by walking through fear and genuinely grieving lost dreams.
  • Being able to believe in true love and re-create my life again.
  • Co-writing three sparkly, award-winning musical stage plays with Serenity Fisher.
  • Collaboratively envisioning and manifesting a magical weekend – Creative Collaborative ReTREAT.

Q: What is your personal  (not-yet-achieved) creative dream?
A: Ultimately, to write and publish books and scripts about the steps in my own creative journey… and to give lots and lots of people permission to laugh, to dream and to create their own authentically JOYfull lives.