Do you ever wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you? Me, too!
Come DREAM with me!

I am a Level I Dream Teacher, trained to guide people through processes developed by Robert Moss, world-renowned author and creator of Active Dreaming.

“Dreaming gives us a creative studio where we can go anytime we like, and from which we can bring fresh insights and renewed energy for the ever-evolving creative project called life.”
~Robert Moss, The Three ‘Only’ Things

What is DreamWork?

Core techniques of DreamWork include…

*Dream Dialogue – a specific, quick method for sharing dreams with others, that results in helpful action.

*Dream Reentry – a practice of making a conscious journey back inside a dream in order to clarify information, dialogue with a dream character, or move beyond nightmare terrors into healing and resolution.

*Navigating by synchronicity – increasing awareness of waking coincidence and “symbolic pop-ups” in daily waking life.

The Profound, Life-Altering Benefits of DreamWork include
(but aren’t limited to)…


*Guidance for physical, emotional and spiritual HEALING

*DIRECTION and rehearsal for potential FUTURE events

*Clarity and insight into RELATIONSHIPS


*Deep, meaningful CONNECTIONS (people, places, things)

As a Facilitator of DreamWork, I help you to…

*Catch and remember your dreams
*Tell the story and explore the imagery and meaning inside a dream
*Honor your dreams with inspiring action

Uncovering my dreams with Robin is always insightful and meaningful. It helps give surprising direction in my waking life.

Dina Larkin,
Graphic Designer & Blogger

Dream Offerings:

*Introductory Talks for your group or organization
*1:1 Dream Dialogue
*Ongoing Dream Group facilitation

“In writing a dream narrative, I strive to honor fully the depth of the experience of my dream – owning it and making it real with words. I have gained much as a dreamer via this process because that which is honored and owned multiplies and expands, blooming in the nurturing, thriving with attention.”
~Robin OK, quoted in Robert Moss’ book Active Dreaming