Collaborative Completion

Do you have a creative project waiting for focus, time, attention, completion?

It’s time to make it REAL!

Story from Collaborative Completion Client, Serenity Fisher, singer-songwriter, playwright

“A creative idea comes knocking at your door.  You open the door (bravo!) and let it in, offer it tea and then stare blankly at it while you nervously nibble your biscuit (that’s British for cookie.)  You are full of desire to embrace the idea and bring it to life, but don’t know where to begin.  You flash your bat…err umm… bird sign and open the window.  And like a ray of sunlight from the heavens, she descends upon the ledge.  Robin OK, creativity coach extraordinaire.  She interrupts the awkward silence and gets the two of you talking, engaging in a passionate creative dance.  Flash forward in time – your creative idea is now a visceral, tangible, WHOLE thing.  It is no longer spirit; it is flesh. 

Behold the magic of Robin OK.   She did this for me, and she can do the same for you.  Years ago a gelatinous blob came knocking at my door.  It said “write the play about dreams!”  Uhhh…errr…gulp… In swooped Robin!  My gelatinous blob turned into a deeply personal play about the power of imagination and dreams to heal old wounds and unleash the power of creativity.  “Sophie’s Dream” was conceived in autumn 2009.  Robin led me through the gestation period (everyone needs a good doctor or midwife right?).  In June 2010, “Sophie’s Dream” was born.  She made her debut at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival – a festival of about 30 plays from all over the world.  She enjoyed a sold out (with standing room only) run and was voted the Audience Pick of the Fringe.

Robin kept me going when I wanted to give up.  She turned my tears into fodder for the story.  She offered very real, easy to use tools that shaped an abstract idea into a very real play.  The work I did with Robin was inspiring, joyful and fun.  Working with Robin changed my life. 

Is a creative idea knocking at your door?  Is a roaring fire blazing inside you saying you must create?  Do you feel a tiny tug at your sweater and wonder what it might be?  Take it from me, flash your bird signal.  Robin will alight, and a light will go on in your heart, mind and soul.  Happy Creative Adventuring!!”    

col·lab·o·ra·tion   [kuh-lab-uh-rey-shuh n]   the act of working with someone to produce or create

Do you feel stuck, alone, ready to give up?

Have you started & stopped on the same project too many times?

Is your project in a pile that keeps moving, yet you can’t bear to let it go?

My Collaborative Completion™ clients typically begin with:

  • Blurry Concepts  
  • Mega-Anxiety
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Frustration & Helplessness
  • A sense of Pressure & Guilt


At the end of the Collaborative Completion Cycle, they come away with:

  • Crystal clear accomplishment
  • Contentment 
  • and….. (voila!) Completion!

Creative Collaboration is one of the things I can’t NOT do (yes, that’s a double negative, which = truly positive). It is in my blood. It’s a knack, a calling, an undeniable urge to join forces for good. Creative Collaboration means you give me permission to delve into your project and share accountability for breathing it into being.

Through our Collaborative Completion™ adventure, we do whatever it takes to get your project DONE! This includes:

  • Defining the Vision
  • Identifying Personal Triggers
  • Trusting the Process
  • Hand-holding & Cheerleading
  • Recognition & Acknowledgement
  • Partnership (customized based on your needs & preferences)
  • Resources & Connections

Introduce me to your project. (Hello, project!) 

Together, we’ll explore how I can help.

Collaborative “Beach Ball Bash” Call: $30
(Value: $75)
This is an Introductory Collaborative Completion session where you introduce me to your vision and we playfully bounce the beach ball of your creative idea back and forth, allowing the ideal process for ultimate completion to be revealed. After your Beach Ball Bash, you’ll come away with a myriad of ideas for completing your vision, while also exploring the possibility for the two of us to work together in a customized Collaborative Completion Package designed just for you and your project. And you’ll LAUGH…. a lot! 😀
Collaborative Completion Focus & Commitment Plan: $75/hour
Together, we will design and outline a plan that shines the light on completing YOUR dream project and enjoying the process along the way. Whatever it takes – that’s what we’ll both do. The time for your creative vision to become reality is NOW.


Robin doesn’t see collaboration as skill, tool or process, but as the very heart and soul of society. She is as at home in a collaborative space as breath is in our lungs. Working with her has always brought me fresh and creative insights and amazing new perspectives that enabled a much richer result than I otherwise would have experienced.

Carl Franco, Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Entrepreneur, ACC, International Coaching Federation

What strikes me most about collaboration with Robin is the connecting piece – she is very much a verb and preposition as opposed to a noun. She aligns WITH people, joining them together WITH shared vision and energy. She naturally offers support and guidance toward the ultimate goal, whatever it may be.

Juliette Stuard, Administrator & Massage Therapist

Creative ReTREATS, Workshops, Playshops, Camps & Connections

I collaboratively join forces with others. I have offerings, they have offerings,  sometimes we do things together. My sister-company, Creative Collaborative.US, brings creative women together to immerse in JOY-full CommUNITY! Come see what we’re all up to and how you can come PLAY, too!!