“She learned a lot from the trees…”

She learned a lot from the trees: how to stand her ground, how to weather a storm, and how to love the simple things most of all.”

agatha treeA Tree Gate Date June 30, 2013

Inspired by a prompt in my program, “Mapping & Mentoring with Marney,” I somehow disengaged from domestic duty and “work work” for a few hours to follow the inspiration of my dream. You see, when we ask and allow, our dreams (both waking and sleeping) tell truth. And when given the prompt, “My dream’s bright idea is ___________”, mine told me to “hug a tree and go on a ‘tree gate date”” – something I had learned and practiced with dream teacher, Robert Moss, and that I have not practiced in far too long. I eventually honored its request and went on a waking walking journey to the imaginal realm. Following my physical and spiritual meander, I wrote of my encounter….

tree journal

“Healing self-guided tree gate date on the grounds of Transfiguration Spirituality Center. On my walk, I don’t know which one of the many amazing trees, but I intentionally seek affinity with a particular tree and trust it will be here on my path. I release judgment and revel in mystery – which one could it be? Sing-songy in my head I repeat, “I trust the tree – my tree for today- it will find me. I will know.”

And here she is – the one that holds the lone wooden swing, suspended by old fraying rope. She beckons me, ‘Sit. Swing.’ Ok.1044961_10151453357616712_1115396025_nThe afternoon bedazzles me with effortless perfection. I move from swing to ground, sitting right at the base of her trunk and lean in, lean in to the tree – the tree that picked me. I listen –  frogs  serenade me, and I inhale and gaze up – behold the magic of branches reaching up up up as whispy green leaves dance. Rhythmic croaks + the hum of the breeze. Mmmm…. and the bells in the nearby church tower, all with sacred names and unique tones, ringing in the Evensong. Pockets of bright blue mixed with dark rainy gray cloud sky peek through foliage. I exhaled, bring my head down, spy a sturdy little broken limb just next to my leg. I pick it up admiring how it is  divinely speckled with natural purple spots. photo copy 2 I place it back on the ground, close my eyes and go through the gate, into the majesty of she. Her ivy coated bark massages my back, holding me tenderly. Bright yellow and orange globs swirl behind my eyelids and I wonder about my aura, my energy, my light. I wonder if she lends me her sunshine energy – or might my energy also be pouring into her? Both? And how?

And then — then I remember to let go, trust, be. Questions come – questions for this tree – questions for their own sake, though – no need for answer.

“Do you have a name tree? And if you do, what might it be?”

INSTANTLY – it comes to me –  through me. ‘Agatha. I am Agatha Tree. I am here; always here. Thank you for coming to me.’ She told me more, but that is for another day…..”

P.S. Later, I look up “Agatha” — Agatha \a-ga-tha\ as a girl’s name is pronounced AG-a-thah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Agatha is “good, honorable”. Saint Agatha (third century) was a Christian who refused to marry a Roman consul, and was eventually martyred. She is the patron saint of bell ringers.

The patron Saint of Bell Ringers? Wow.

Put Laughing on “The List”

Ho Ho Hahaha!

“Laughter is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!” ~Hafiz

Much gratitude to Jenell Walton of Channel 9 WCPO‘s “The List” for coming out to laugh with me, Steffie Scruggs (aka Workout Buddy) and friends. Thanks for bringing your cameraman and offering the opportunity to wake up some souls with the glorious sound of laughter!

It never ceases to amaze me. Truly. Magic happens within our entire being when we laugh simply for the sake of laughing.

Yes, there is physical science to explain it. There is research to quantify and track it. There are lists of benefits we can comprehend and apply. And that’s all good.

But what lights me up and inspires me to not only DO it (laugh, that is), but to take it out into the world, share it and intentionally give people permission to DO it (laugh, that is), too – is not any of those things — it is the magical lightness of being and instant soul connection that happens whenever I do (laugh + share).

Every single time I lead laughter and demonstrate how to clap, laugh, breathe and get in touch with child-like joy – every single time – I am taken off-guard by how quickly my energy shifts and I re-connect with the ME of me.

I see others lean into their own lightness, connecting to their most authentic selves. And then I feel us all enter into a new *magical* reality that probably can be explained, quantified, tracked, comprehended and applied, but honestly, it doesn’t need to be. You just KNOW it. You FEEL it. It’s truth. It’s connection. It’s palpable and incredibly powerful. Very good, very good – YAY! 😀



Centered and Grounded


I woke this morning with yearning. The 1st question I asked myself was, “How do you want to be today?” The words that popped immediately to mind were “centered and grounded.”

Still yawning and digging sleep crusties from my eyes, I knew the very 1st thing for me to do was  walk my labyrinth. One might assume that with it conveniently located in my side yard, ever-ready for spiritual meandering, always visible and beckoning from all eastward windows, I would have an ongoing practice of labyrinth-walking in place. But alas, that is not (currently) true. I have a long list of reasons (excuses?) that deter me – you know, like, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, the laundry put away, dogs need meds, toilets need scrubbing….. but this morning, “centered and grounded” trumped all that.  On this morn of summer solstice, my soles dripping in dew, I followed the sun to the center of my labyrinth.

Every time I enter its path, a calm gentle holiness immediately stills me. A divine connection fills me. Each step is more conscious than the last. My thoughts become more focused. My trust in each moment expands. My awareness through all senses intensifies. Each walk upon that mandala in the grass seems to have its own theme – a message that imparts itself to me on my journey inward. Today, the message was, “It’s not about getting it right, doing it well or being perfect – it’s only about being real and connecting.

That’s a relief, huh? I’m doing something today I have never done – facilitating a Tele-Class with a focus on celebrating my own accomplishment in completing my website and inviting people to work with me. I am truly excited and feel like this is actually way overdue. Still, it’s new territory and the fierce old habit of doing it “right” and seeking perfection remain ingrained and intact. Reassurance from the providential voice that speaks to me on my labyrinth was welcome to say the least.

As I took the step into the very center place, it struck me that the summer solstice sun rays bathed me in their glow. Here in the center, here on the ground, summer sun put ME in its radiant spotlight. Part of me wanted to step aside, to seek shadow, and yet somehow I knew that what there was to do was stay  – simply stay and BE – be still, be holy,  and allow the light to enter in. Something told me, “Just stay right here for a moment, Robin. Just stay here and feel what it’s like to shine.” 

BEing Seen, Known, Heard and FOUND


To be completely honest, creating this website has been anything but a laughing + dreaming matter. For me, it’s been more like whining + hair-yanking + a nightmare of content and code with a side of perfectionistic overwhelm. However, all that said, here she is, laughndream.com, my very own website. And now (after like 5 years of being visioned, attempted, shoved under the rug, dusted off and brought back again — and again) – now that she’s here, I kinda love her. She’s sparkly and friendly and informative and fun. I want to introduce her to people out there in cyberspace. I want her to be seen, known, heard and found.

And now, just writing that – I see how that is really metaphorical for me, myself and my creative coaching biz. The website has traversed as I’ve traversed, seeing the potential, going for it, gaining the tools and the credentials and the experience in the shadows, yet retreating and distracting and yes, self-sabotaging, each time I got to that place where I might truly be seen, known, heard and found. 

All this time, I’ve been so baffled by my own seeming paralysis when it comes to this — BLOGging. It took awhile for me to own and declare myself as a writer, but I did — years and years ago. I know I’m a writer, it’s undeniable (my husband likes to say I have a brain in my hand). I remember when I was sharing my writing at Women Writing for (a) Change probably 12 years ago and a woman approached me and said, “You should definitely start one of these new BLOGS – people would read it, I would read it.” And ever since that “you-SHOULD-blog-day,” I have been beating myself up each day I yet again did NOT have a blog. It’s true. Every damn day. Yi. And I didn’t “get” it because, for pete’s sake, I’m a writer. All I have to do is write something – anything. And for anyone who knows me, you know I can do that – I do DO that. But it’s hard to write a daily log and post it for the world to read when you’re terrified of being seen, known, heard and found. When you are convinced that whatever you put out there is not “right,” not “good enough,” not needed, not relevant, not — well, just NOT.

Even now, right freaking NOW, I am tempted to delete this and pretend I was never here. I’m not going to do that, though. I’m going to finish this even if it is NOT NoT and not. Even if it’s too long, too self-indulgent, too transparent. In my critical fraid-of-being-found brain, it’s either NOT or it’s TOO, but what if it just IS?

Anyway, back to the website. Now she IS and I am glad. I want to introduce her fresh new pages to  the world.  I want her to be found so she and I can help others find what it is they are looking for. Yes, we’ve been hiding for a long while, but now we’re ready. Ready to be found. Eager to BE.

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