Dear Heart


a2531474066c6fb1857fc0c773f7ae10Dear Heart,

True, there is need for Visioning,
Imagining a life desired,
full of sensual someday-when wishes come true

There is also need for
Right Here Now-ness, honoring the needs of
this moment we inhale, acknowledging the sorrow
+ the gratitude
in each exhale.


Yes, I do want to know
what, dear soul,
what you yearn, ache, hope for in the maybe days ahead

But today, all I ask is this-

What, my friend,
What do you need
in your heart-
on your mind-
against your skin-deep bones —
Right now?

Name it, mon ami –
name your empty place,
this moment, now

What is speaking? calling you?
What is missing in, with, for you?

What words or actions, what thoughts or feelings or things could fill the hole,
ease your angst-
Make you (feel) whole?
Here now- if only for a moment

Not forever…
Not fixed, repaired
(For, believe it or not,
broken equals beauty-full)

Just right here, right now-
What would
soothe, touch, calm, move,
heal, sustain, nurture

Whatever it is,
That is what I give.

Right here, right now,
What you seek
Is found.

Take it. It’s yours.

~rok, 11/19/15



Skin Deep

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

~Gwyneth Paltrow

For the first time in as long as I can remember, at the age of 49, I am feeling comfortable in my own skin. And I’m not talking about the way I look. I am talking about how my skin FEELS, all over my body.

I did not even know how UNcomfortable I had been until I had the opportunity to try Nerium-AD Night Cream. After three days of applying it to my damp clean face prior to bedtime, I woke one morning to incredibly soft, smooth skin. As I washed my face, I was somewhat shocked to realize that my skin didn’t HURT. I didn’t even know that I had been tolerating dry, tight, taut, perpetually uncomfortable skin until that feeling was gone!

Who knew skin could even feel like this? Not I, said the Robin.

Frankly, I stumbled upon this product completely by accident. I was at an event celebrating International Day of Happiness! I’d been invited to lead Laughter Yoga. I was thinking about connecting with people, giving them permission to laugh and tap into gratitude and joy.

My skin was the furthest thing from my mind. I met a woman there and asked her where she had gotten her fun purple t-shirt that said “Live HAPPY” in bright orange letters. She told me she had gotten it through her company, whose founder had initiated the concept of the “International Day of Happiness” and also had a magazine called “Live Happy.” We talked quite awhile about our families and work while blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk and joining forces to share smiles with people as they passed by. Later, she contacted me and we met for tea.

When we met, we chatted like old friends, even though we were just getting to know one another. I was inspired by how much good, positive energy she had about her work and her company. So many people suffer, struggle and talk negatively about their work, it was refreshing to feel her genuine excitement, even though I admit I was confused as far as knowing what she actually DID. It turns out the company she works for is the fastest-growing direct marketing company in history and their flagship product is Nerium-AD Night Cream.

This took me by surprise – what the heck? What is the connection between Happiness and a beauty product? It didn’t seem to fit. She explained to me the scientific evolution of the product and how the researchers and companies who developed it were very deliberate in determining how to market it.  They wanted their marketing strategy to be unique and authentic – more about furthering the overall mission to “improve the quality of life for people” than to simply sell skin-care.

Ok. That’s nice. (Whatever).

And then she offered to let me take the bottle home for 5 nights and try it out.

Sure, why not?

She took super-close-up photos of my face (not my favorite part, for sure) and gave me instructions for how to use it.

Now – back to my sad skin saga. I doubt anyone other than me would think that my skin was a source of angst for me, but it honestly has been. As a girl, I had horrid patches of eczema. My mother would duct tape tube socks to my hands and arms at night so that I wouldn’t scratch until I bled. I remember hiding my hands in pockets or extra long sleeves because I was so ashamed of my crackly, dry, patchy, rough, ancient looking skin. I would bathe and shower the least possible because dermatologists told me – and I felt –  when I got out, my skin felt achey, raw and no amount of thick, creamy moisturizer ever seemed to sink in beneath the surface.

I  gave up on medical dermatological treatments long ago, and, while I have tried all-natural home-remedies + high-end, so-called miracle cleansers and creams, nothing ever worked any better than simple fare  easily found at any Walgreens. I had definitely learned to cover up, surface-treat and tolerate my scaly, spotty, often alligator-esque skin.

I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t really think about it. It was what it was – and I have Laughing, Dreaming, Writing, Creating, Coaching, Collaborating to do, right?

But then I tried Nerium! Three days in, I FELT the difference physically – Whoa. When something that has always been hurting no longer hurts, there is a mega-wondrous, completely unexpected sense of relief. Now, when I touch the skin on my cheek, it is soft, supple — as I say now, “it feels like ‘butt-ah,” referring to both “butter” and a soft baby butt). Quite the radical transformation when you’re accustomed to something closer to sandpaper.

And it just keeps improving. My skin feels soft and supple. People remark that I have a “glow.” I have noticed definite improvement in blemishes, pore size, and signs of aging. And, yes, there is something quite satisfying and confidence-boosting about looking in the mirror with what I perceive to be “better” skin reflected back at me. Again, I didn’t really realize that I was feeling some anxiety about how my skin was going to age – would I be an alligator-y old hag?

I like to think of myself as “deep” – someone with substance; introspective, insightful and focused on what is real and true, beneath the surface of things – so, I must admit, the depth to which the shift in my surface derma has effected me takes me a bit off-guard. “Beauty is skin deep,” and all that.

What I do know is that when you feel better, you feel better.

And better is…. better.

And it all started with a quest to increase “HAPPY”! :-)

Nerium-AD is incredibly simple and straightforward to use, it smells nice, feels good and has provided amazing unexpected positive results for me and millions of others. I have to let people know! If you want to know more, be in touch with me. I can gush and set you up, easy, breezy — beautiful! 😉

My profile Before and After – 2 weeks.

Less is Plenty Part 4: Divine Intervention Connection

5067cd218baae4a83f42350216c6fd6b…Oh yes, the STUFF?
It’s all still
there there there

(And I HAVE calm-cooled with winter run adrenaline)

Inhale, exhale. Just do this. You can do this.

Whiny Mind (WM): “But I don’t WANNA, wahhh!”

Grown-up Good-Girl (GGG): “It’s ok. We can do it together.”

WM: (arms crossed, lip pout) “WAAAAHH. Yike dat.”

GGG: (gentle, soothing) “I know. How ’bout we have some water, change clothes and check Facebook awhile before we finish up that crazy closet purge?”

WM: (perking up a tad) “Ok. Dat’s better, I guess.”

WM and GGG align –
And together, in FB-land we find…
a response to my earlier frantic post:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.32.10 AM

The response:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.32.49 AM

What does this mean?
A “walk-through”?
I barely know this person
What does she do?

Heck, it doesn’t even matter –
Say “YES!”
Yes, “YES!” feels right
Accepting all offers of assistance
Receive receive receive
Allow allow allow


And then – an Angel descends.
Her name is Joy.
Owner of Finer Living Concierge,
Joy appears amidst mass chaos,
deftly assesses our “too much stuff”

Joy-full smile combined with calm air “it will be alright,”
promptly takes inventory, makes notes, takes pics,
poses questions, makes suggestions,

and before I know it, Joy posts
“Stuff to Give Away” and “Stuff to Sell” on Craig’s List,
(a List Joy knows well – I don’t know a’tall)
Reassures us that by weekend end,
all will be gone

Going above – to infinity – and beyond,
Angelic Joy also provides expert hints, tips, and tricks –
“How To” fit our stuff in cozy new space.

Wait. Could it be?
It seems as if — yes, I think it’s true — Joy is having FUN?
For Joy, this is a challenge, a gift, a game.
Joy serves up practical clarity, matter-of-fact-ity
Cool-cucumber confidence
Doe-eyed sincere kindness –
Joy? Shifts everything.

Still anxious overwhelmed, yes,
but on a scale of 1-10?
Angst has gone from 12 to 7(ish)
Whiny Mind volume has gone from scream to whisper.
Not suffocating on my lungs. Not anticipating kick ass shoe drop.
Shoulder-bones not connected to my ear-bones.

She leaves, but Joy’s bright energy remains.
My “I can’ts-don’t wannas” transformed to “How can we?

Dare ya to clear each space, one by one –
Double dog dare you to make it fun.
Each room = fresh opportunity
Playing the “A few of my favorite things?” game

Renewed appreciation, honoring favorites intentionally claimed,
Releasing what’s no longer mine,
As I let go, I am light, lighter, free-er
a bird flying out of her cage.

As promised, weekend END comes.
As promised, STUFF goes.

People come, hauling truck beds, stuffing trailers and vans to the brim.
No matter winter weather advisory.
Who cares if there’s a foot of snow coated with sheets of ice?

There’s a free dollhouse, by God!
(1st thing to go. Over and over, “Is the dollhouse gone?”)

Buckets, baskets, bar stools, beds, bedding;
clocks, clothes, crafts, curlers;
dollhouse, dishes, doormats, desks –
Gone! (Gone, I say!)

In awe, we watch
a winter wonder whirlwind of strangers
claim and haul stuff -more stuff – even more stuff – out front, back, side door,
ever asking “Is there more?

Behold the power of Craig’s List!
Sing the praises of Joy!

Extraneous too much-ness no longer ours,
sing a final countdown (in JOY-full Christmas melody…)

12 trips to Goodwill
11 bags o’ heaping
10 minutes weeping
9 boxes weighing
8 hairs a-graying
7 cartons expiring
6 days till closing
5 gol-den pounds (lost!)
4 letter words
3 hands-on friends
2 much to do
…and 1 Robin leaving Osprey Lane


headshot_5_editedJoy Leonard is founder of Finer Living Concierge Cincinnati, OH

Up next: Mega-Madness Moving Day

Less is Plenty Part 3: Countdown (or Meltdown?)

Mega-SIGH! We finally know!
Know where we will live.
(And it’s not beneath a bridge!)

And now?
Well, let the downsizing begin!!
Oh. My. Word!

Five bedrooms, three and a half baths,
Damn near 5000 square feet of expansive spacious
Mega-storage, cram-packed
Oversized garage

Two bedrooms, two baths,
Approx. 1200 square feet of cozy condensed togetherness
Teensy weensy, hardly any closet space,
A mini so-called garage in which a tractor-no car-shall reside.

Must. Be. In motion — dive into what to take, what not to take.
Lordy be, what are we ever going to do with all that doesn’t go?

(And how do we know? What does and does not go?
Oh NO!!)

Fast forward, please?
Wrinkle-wiggle my nose, snap my fingers, let the stuff sort itself?
Cross my arms, blink really tight and have the rooms arrange themselves before our eyes?
(But I don’t even know where -or how-  to begin!)

(And why oh why didn’t I get going on this before?
Could’ve at least cleared out clothes.
Downloaded these CDs.
Identified stuff to sell or donate.
Damn, what is wrong with me?)

Panic, dread, foreboding.
Gnawing unease.
Pace frantically up, down, up, down steps,
enter-exit room, room, room,
yank hair, clutch heart,
scout closet, closet, shelf, shelf, drawers, bins, cabinets
– all overflowing.

Oh my. Why oh why do we have
all. this. (deleting many four letter words) STUFF?
SO much. TOO much.

12 days till close. 10 days till truck.
(Insert rhyming four letter word)!!!!!!
Where to start?

Start. Just start. Anywhere.
Any? But where?

Something small…
Our closet?
(Ummm…. Our walk-in is not small.)

Just start, Robin.
Crank up some tunes and rock-walk-IN.

Black trash bags? check = Goodwill.
White trash bags? check = Tuesday trash!
Bins. check = consignment.
Ready, set – PURGE!

And she’s off!
Ladies and Gentlemen, hear her humming, “Let it Go, Let it Go”?
See her dive in to the purgey flow….
Bags and boxes bulge.
Momentum grows, she’s on a roll.
Yes, pretty soon, she’ll be a pro!

But wait! Uh-O!
What’s going on? She’s hedging on that dress?
No, hasn’t worn it in 5 years…
No, doesn’t even fit…
Hurry! Help her rise above
the power of this dress…
and all the “things” she thinks she LOVES

Oh dear, folks. She hit the wall.
Overwhelmed! Piles, paperwork, pictures, prizes, products, projects…
Stymied! Silverware, dish ware, underwear, hardware, stemware, chinaware, cookware….
is she going to put it ALL??

Escape escape
Distract, cyber-side-trickety-track

(No, Robin, no – come back, come back
You really really need to pack!)

Yep, ladies and germs, you cannot fathom how much there is to do –
Heaven help us, it’s hard to look
but horror of horrors, yes, ’tis true
She’s Like-Share-Post-zoning out on Facebook!

Halleluia! Logged off, she did!
Back to the closet purge, more to rid –
But, golly- No! Can it be?
From closet she’s emerged, ready to —
R.U.N? (no, no, no – not again!)

Run, Robin, Run
Medicate. De-stress. Pump adrenaline.
Sweat, burn, breathe this icy air
When you get back, all that stuff will still be there there there –


Up Next: Part 4: Divine Intervention Connection

Less is Plenty Part 2: A.void-ing

Question:  What nudged me toward this fresh a-ha? This pithy epiphany yet unfolding?

Answer: The dreaded process of downsizing
Being forced by depressing circumstances to sell our home – find something within these dwindling means.

For many reasons, it makes sense.
Kids grown and very recently three of five out of the nest for good
(or so I think).
Big house and yard need extensive energy-time;
so much long tolerated in “not-up-to-our-standards” disrepair.
Been oh-so-stressed trying to manage and appreciate
being oh-so-blessed with our big, beautiful home on Osprey Lane.

But…. OHHHHH, have I resisted!
Pouted. Pretended, poo-poo’d, paced and postponed.
Yes, it’s the right thing. Must reconfigure reality.
But such radical change comes with jagged edgy anxiety,
bitterness, grief, shame, disgust.
Avoid avoid avoid.

Spend days with my laptop in bookstores and coffee shops-
the mission of redefining the “stuff” of life out of view.
Take the long way home.
And, swirling in viscosity, spiraling in the cyclone,
endlessly berating myself for indulging
in self-pity, wallowing in pathetic paralysis.

Still…. can’t deny, pity-party or avoid our way out of this.
Gotta wade through the resentment reel ranting
acknowledge the stress in my left jaw popping,
right eye twitching,
the abyss of my gut churning.
Tick tock,the inevitable looms large – targeted closing date nears.

But. I. just. CAN’T. seem. to. move. into. the. reality.
of.this. impending. MOVE.
CANNOT. make. myself.
MOVING thing.
Do. not. know. where. we’re. going.


Where oh where will we land?
Woe. me.
Whoa. whoa whoa.

Will we land?

House hunting – ugamug.
Months scouring listings, open houses,
the promise of pretty pictures and glowing words
followed by real time walkthrough disillusion and dismay.

Again and again, figuring out how to re-structure from sprawling quad level to…
whichever disappointing new option is temporarily deemed potentially worthy.
All the while continuing the search,
lest the real, right new place
not only a house – our home
might magically appear,
just. in. time.

Less. Less. Less.

And, 3 weeks prior to large loom closing and occupancy day, we find it –
Space that has the energy, the light, the yard,
Space ranking higher than “I guess we can make do” –
Space that holds hope and clarity of vision.

After months of angst, we finally have dedicated, tangible –
a home place to continue the day to day of our lives,
to finagle the “from – to” debacle,
informed by dimensional and logistical whatnot and what to.

Sigh with me now
a hearty, extended exhale releasing all the doom-gloom dread
pent up in so much unknown…..
My oh my.

Up next: Countdown (or Meltdown?)

Part 1: Epiphany – Getting Real


privilege   [priv-uh-lij, priv-lij]

(noun)  a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most

It hit me in a flash one morning
in the wake of the Mega-Moving Adventure
that I am one of “those people” ….
one who has always had everything I need, everything I want –
and then some.
Not quite the silver spoon, princess & the pea variety, but definitely privileged.

….not that I comprehend that, really.
Well, of course, I KNOW. I often consider myself blessed.
However, with hindsight, my current insight
is just how much, unbeknownst and unaware,
like a sponge, I have simply absorbed this blessing of abundance;
just how deeply the cultural paradigm of “more more more”
has been inherently programmed –
my primary operating system.

Oh, I am a nice, kind, gracious, appreciative – even generous –
“those people” kinda person.
But I didn’t “get it,” – ptthh – I still don’t “get it.”
The “more is better”-ness?
‘tis in me marrow,
in the inhale-exhale of me –
this expect-title-tation-ment
(did you get that? that’s a combo of “expectation” +“entitlement”)
This “HAVE-ing.”


It is only NOW, in a staggering season of “How’d I get here?” –
How did I go from the “He-Who-Dies-With-the-Most-Toys-Wins” World
to “Less is More” World,
so many notches down on the societal success ladder?

And the thought itself, as it scrolls my mind, takes me off-guard.
Did I honestly for real just think that?
Who do I think I am?
That’s not who I want to be.
Not at all.
Do I seriously buy into midwest American cultural commercial ideal success?
Is my brain washed in stereotypical surface subliminal hypocritical truism?
Am I now “less than”?

This harsh judgmental thought is a mirror.
I listen, horrified by the loud and hideous reflection
of my inner voice.

Slowly, I emerge, bewildered
by this haze of privilege.
Gradually, I unravel layers, become lucid
gaining blurry awareness
of the materialistic consumer pride and prejudice
sugar-skewing my reality.

A switch flipped.
Ow, the light. It hurts my eyes.
Blink. My personal value system challenged.
Blink. Consciousness activated.

Question: What nudged me toward this fresh a-ha?
This pithy epiphany yet unfolding?

Answer: The dreaded process of DOWNSIZING.
Being forced by depressing circumstances to sell our home-
find something within these dwindling means….

Join me on a revolutionary voyage of discoveries.

This is the 1st installment of a series of personal revelations that are changing me. I am in process. We are all in process.

Our recent downsizing adventure has been a portal, leading me to recognize how many of us suffer and are surreptitiously afflicted by the pressure and responsibility of “too much.”

As I’ve shared my experience of sorting, purging and releasing my stuff, I have been blown away by just how deeply nearly everyone I talk to resonates with what I say. I energetically FEEL their pain each time I hear the words, “Oh my God, I need to do that!”

And I know they MEAN it with every fiber of their being – they really DO need to do it; they truly WANT to do it – but I also know that chances are, unless circumstances require it (like me) – their “too much” will only expand along with the stress and stranglehold of chronic self-deprecation. 

I call the style of writing I have used for this 1st installment “PoeTRY-ing” and shall continue PoeTRY-ing to suss the meaning of my experience, to chronicle the many steps, leaps, thoughts, emotions, conclusions, resolutions and lessons unfolding; to share and expand and connect with others who need what I have to share.

Next up:

Truth Scribbles


It is time to write.

To blog.

To truthtell.

To confess, expose, reveal…

be real and raw and silly-serious moment by moment me.

Here. Now.      -vs-.       Someday. When.

Someday when I know what I’m doing?

Have it figured out?

Plotted, schemed, planned, blueprinted, outlined?


Ptttthhhhh! You know THAT day, right?

I am a beautiful messy mess heap of chaos and presence

Wanna know something?

My insides are scribbling.

I am scared. Scared of being scared. Scared of being scared of being scared.

Yesterday I shared with friends that I do not comprehend why I get

So. damn. frozen. stuck. stymied. in my lack of tracks

when.ever. I. contemplate coming here                                                                                                 (yes, here, to a wordpress screen, fingers on keys)                                                                               and writing all.

(as clearly evidenced by the chronic non-posts pervading this site, right?)

And I think I must find out what is “wrong” and-or “why oh why”                                                             in order to overcome and be                                                                                                                 the golden-hued, prolific, profound, insightful, inspirational blogging goddess                                       that we all know is in here                                                                                                       somewhere.

(Ohhhhhhhh…. could that be why?!)

They told me to just write. Write me. For me.

Not for you. Or them. Or any grand scheme purpose.

Simply to write. Express. Allow words to come. Flow.                                                                     Have their inexplicable way with me.

So here I am.

Shaking. Criticizing. Condemning. Regretting.                                                                          ALLOWING. Receiving.                                                                                                                     Sharing.                                                                                                                                             (Insert loud screechy horror movie scream here)

Writing words from voices whispering, hollering, quivering and shimmering

Fastwriting over, under, beside and through the scribbley scary insides

Less pretend pretense.

More real raw-been Robin.

I am a writer, after all.

I am also a Leader of Laughter and Guider of Dreams and Creativity Coach.                                       And that scribble and scrape-slops my insides, too.

I just want to hide. Run away. Hibernate. Meditate. Extrapolate.

You have no idea (wait, but maybe you do?)                                                                                         just how much energy I spend resisting

what I’m meant to do.

Fighting, warring, tugging, slugging, ugamugging.

It is ongoing, this internal bickering with all the voices

vying to be heeded and heard,

whining, cajoling, singing, snorting

All these damn voices, yearning.

I am hushing you (shhhhhh now, it’s ok)

setting you free

be unleashed upon a page, a stage,

keep me real, release release

have your way with me.

It is time to write.




Dreaming Old-New & Blue

I came across an old, completely forgotten poem I wrote once-upon-a-dream, back-in-the-day…..

blue bird moon

New Blue Moon

A blue moon bade her
the year past
good night

As slumber images
beckon dreams
to the fringes and verges
of other consciousness
and multi-realms of
midnight possibiities

Dangling from her shadowlight
encounters the blue-speckle textured
archetypal tri-door-a box

Gentle, sure, steady fingers
remove each intricate latch
til three portal angles,
(each inviting her in)
clandestine teal – mesmerous blue – blue
three door charms
finally open, converge

and from its cage nest
doth emerge

mythic unfettered feathers
gracious wing expanse,
cerulean satin,
cobalt woven azure
blends of majestic royal
infinite layers of iridescent indigo
gleaming and colliding
cross its massive wing presence,
emanating truth and beauty and love

gliding, soaring, merging with the moon
as one,
showing her (if she’ll only see)
lapis promises
of magical flights,
waiting here in the new,
amidst the blue.

This reminds me of a season when I diligently, passionately transcribed my dreams, honoring them with poetry & dialogue amidst a playground created by teacher-author-guide, Robert Moss and the dreamers (like me) who found ourselves dreaming in community. A beautiful past, present, future still summonsing me….

Saturday, May 10, 2014 is World Day of Active Dreaming. Stay tuned for details on dreaming in community. As an Active Dreaming Teacher, I will be inviting you to join me and the world in catching, connecting, playing with and honoring our wildest, bluest, most delicious dreams.

Creative Collaborative ReTREAT Weekend

I can’t even express how much I am looking forward to this weekend retreat, creating JOY-full CommUNITY with creative women. Last year’s retreat was so special and has impacted me and the other women who immersed in the weekend in profound and unexpected ways.

Enjoy this video that gives but a glimpse into the magic that happened as we wove our gifts of music, laughter, art, healing, play, wonder, adventure — and, of course, CHOCOLATE!

Original song, “Banyan Tree,” by Serenity Fisher. Photos by LiveinLove Photography and gifted weekend retreat-ers.

A few spaces remain for Creative Collaborative ReTREAT 2013. Click to get more information and to register!

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FREE Fear-less Writing Telesummit

free-300x160First a GIGUNDO-MONGOUS thank you to Cora Vasseur for creating The FREE “Fear-less Writing Telesummit” and for inviting ME to share my expertise, especially related to feeling “Not Good Enough.” You can listen to my pre-recorded interview on Cora’s FREE Tele-Summit designed especially for Writers tonight at 7:00pm, CST (that’s 8:00pm, for me in EST). Click here for VIP access:

Cora Vasseur created this 21 day Telesummit for Writers when she realized that the common denominator amongst all her explanations and excuses for not being where she desired to be with her writing career was FEAR. When she realized that fear was keeping her stuck, she boldly concocted a plan to enlist 21 experts to discuss the infinite faces of fear in this field. The conversations she had with me and 20 other amazing experts resulted in this FREE “Fear-less Writing Telesummit: Empower Your Creative Genius and Unleash it on the World.

I won’t lie. At first, it triggered my own fears to step into this amazing group of “experts.” Claiming the title of “expert” on anything is something that typically makes me shudder and shy away. However, as my topic was “feeling not good enough,” it was pretty straightforward to plow in and own full-on “expert” status! Ha!

Seriously, feeling “Not Good Enough” as a writer (or anything, really) is a topic that has simultaneously plagued and inspired me the majority of my life. It is, in fact, the primary reason I am now a Creativity Coach and Collaborator. What an honor and privilege to have this opportunity to bring some of what I’ve learned into the bright shining light and to share with others the hints, tricks, tips, strategies and approaches that have helped and continue to help me rally and overcome – and help others do so as well.

When you register for the call, you will also gain access to the other 20 experts and the fascinating, useful, powerful wisdom they have to offer about dealing with fear in writing. You don’t want to miss this! There hasn’t been a telesummit like this, exclusively about writing and fear. Click the link and join me!