Dear Heart


a2531474066c6fb1857fc0c773f7ae10Dear Heart,

True, there is need for Visioning,
Imagining a life desired,
full of sensual someday-when wishes come true

There is also need for
Right Here Now-ness, honoring the needs of
this moment we inhale, acknowledging the sorrow
+ the gratitude
in each exhale.


Yes, I do want to know
what, dear soul,
what you yearn, ache, hope for in the maybe days ahead

But today, all I ask is this-

What, my friend,
What do you need
in your heart-
on your mind-
against your skin-deep bones —
Right now?

Name it, mon ami –
name your empty place,
this moment, now

What is speaking? calling you?
What is missing in, with, for you?

What words or actions, what thoughts or feelings or things could fill the hole,
ease your angst-
Make you (feel) whole?
Here now- if only for a moment

Not forever…
Not fixed, repaired
(For, believe it or not,
broken equals beauty-full)

Just right here, right now-
What would
soothe, touch, calm, move,
heal, sustain, nurture

Whatever it is,
That is what I give.

Right here, right now,
What you seek
Is found.

Take it. It’s yours.

~rok, 11/19/15



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