Less is Plenty Part 4: Divine Intervention Connection

5067cd218baae4a83f42350216c6fd6b…Oh yes, the STUFF?
It’s all still
there there there

(And I HAVE calm-cooled with winter run adrenaline)

Inhale, exhale. Just do this. You can do this.

Whiny Mind (WM): “But I don’t WANNA, wahhh!”

Grown-up Good-Girl (GGG): “It’s ok. We can do it together.”

WM: (arms crossed, lip pout) “WAAAAHH. Yike dat.”

GGG: (gentle, soothing) “I know. How ’bout we have some water, change clothes and check Facebook awhile before we finish up that crazy closet purge?”

WM: (perking up a tad) “Ok. Dat’s better, I guess.”

WM and GGG align –
And together, in FB-land we find…
a response to my earlier frantic post:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.32.10 AM

The response:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.32.49 AM

What does this mean?
A “walk-through”?
I barely know this person
What does she do?

Heck, it doesn’t even matter –
Say “YES!”
Yes, “YES!” feels right
Accepting all offers of assistance
Receive receive receive
Allow allow allow


And then – an Angel descends.
Her name is Joy.
Owner of Finer Living Concierge,
Joy appears amidst mass chaos,
deftly assesses our “too much stuff”

Joy-full smile combined with calm air “it will be alright,”
promptly takes inventory, makes notes, takes pics,
poses questions, makes suggestions,

and before I know it, Joy posts
“Stuff to Give Away” and “Stuff to Sell” on Craig’s List,
(a List Joy knows well – I don’t know a’tall)
Reassures us that by weekend end,
all will be gone

Going above – to infinity – and beyond,
Angelic Joy also provides expert hints, tips, and tricks –
“How To” fit our stuff in cozy new space.

Wait. Could it be?
It seems as if — yes, I think it’s true — Joy is having FUN?
For Joy, this is a challenge, a gift, a game.
Joy serves up practical clarity, matter-of-fact-ity
Cool-cucumber confidence
Doe-eyed sincere kindness –
Joy? Shifts everything.

Still anxious overwhelmed, yes,
but on a scale of 1-10?
Angst has gone from 12 to 7(ish)
Whiny Mind volume has gone from scream to whisper.
Not suffocating on my lungs. Not anticipating kick ass shoe drop.
Shoulder-bones not connected to my ear-bones.

She leaves, but Joy’s bright energy remains.
My “I can’ts-don’t wannas” transformed to “How can we?

Dare ya to clear each space, one by one –
Double dog dare you to make it fun.
Each room = fresh opportunity
Playing the “A few of my favorite things?” game

Renewed appreciation, honoring favorites intentionally claimed,
Releasing what’s no longer mine,
As I let go, I am light, lighter, free-er
a bird flying out of her cage.

As promised, weekend END comes.
As promised, STUFF goes.

People come, hauling truck beds, stuffing trailers and vans to the brim.
No matter winter weather advisory.
Who cares if there’s a foot of snow coated with sheets of ice?

There’s a free dollhouse, by God!
(1st thing to go. Over and over, “Is the dollhouse gone?”)

Buckets, baskets, bar stools, beds, bedding;
clocks, clothes, crafts, curlers;
dollhouse, dishes, doormats, desks –
Gone! (Gone, I say!)

In awe, we watch
a winter wonder whirlwind of strangers
claim and haul stuff -more stuff – even more stuff – out front, back, side door,
ever asking “Is there more?

Behold the power of Craig’s List!
Sing the praises of Joy!

Extraneous too much-ness no longer ours,
sing a final countdown (in JOY-full Christmas melody…)

12 trips to Goodwill
11 bags o’ heaping
10 minutes weeping
9 boxes weighing
8 hairs a-graying
7 cartons expiring
6 days till closing
5 gol-den pounds (lost!)
4 letter words
3 hands-on friends
2 much to do
…and 1 Robin leaving Osprey Lane


headshot_5_editedJoy Leonard is founder of Finer Living Concierge Cincinnati, OH

Up next: Mega-Madness Moving Day

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