Less is Plenty Part 3: Countdown (or Meltdown?)

Mega-SIGH! We finally know!
Know where we will live.
(And it’s not beneath a bridge!)

And now?
Well, let the downsizing begin!!
Oh. My. Word!

Five bedrooms, three and a half baths,
Damn near 5000 square feet of expansive spacious
Mega-storage, cram-packed
Oversized garage

Two bedrooms, two baths,
Approx. 1200 square feet of cozy condensed togetherness
Teensy weensy, hardly any closet space,
A mini so-called garage in which a tractor-no car-shall reside.

Must. Be. In motion — dive into what to take, what not to take.
Lordy be, what are we ever going to do with all that doesn’t go?

(And how do we know? What does and does not go?
Oh NO!!)

Fast forward, please?
Wrinkle-wiggle my nose, snap my fingers, let the stuff sort itself?
Cross my arms, blink really tight and have the rooms arrange themselves before our eyes?
(But I don’t even know where -or how-  to begin!)

(And why oh why didn’t I get going on this before?
Could’ve at least cleared out clothes.
Downloaded these CDs.
Identified stuff to sell or donate.
Damn, what is wrong with me?)

Panic, dread, foreboding.
Gnawing unease.
Pace frantically up, down, up, down steps,
enter-exit room, room, room,
yank hair, clutch heart,
scout closet, closet, shelf, shelf, drawers, bins, cabinets
– all overflowing.

Oh my. Why oh why do we have
all. this. (deleting many four letter words) STUFF?
SO much. TOO much.

12 days till close. 10 days till truck.
(Insert rhyming four letter word)!!!!!!
Where to start?

Start. Just start. Anywhere.
Any? But where?

Something small…
Our closet?
(Ummm…. Our walk-in is not small.)

Just start, Robin.
Crank up some tunes and rock-walk-IN.

Black trash bags? check = Goodwill.
White trash bags? check = Tuesday trash!
Bins. check = consignment.
Ready, set – PURGE!

And she’s off!
Ladies and Gentlemen, hear her humming, “Let it Go, Let it Go”?
See her dive in to the purgey flow….
Bags and boxes bulge.
Momentum grows, she’s on a roll.
Yes, pretty soon, she’ll be a pro!

But wait! Uh-O!
What’s going on? She’s hedging on that dress?
No, hasn’t worn it in 5 years…
No, doesn’t even fit…
Hurry! Help her rise above
the power of this dress…
and all the “things” she thinks she LOVES

Oh dear, folks. She hit the wall.
Overwhelmed! Piles, paperwork, pictures, prizes, products, projects…
Stymied! Silverware, dish ware, underwear, hardware, stemware, chinaware, cookware….
is she going to put it ALL??

Escape escape
Distract, cyber-side-trickety-track

(No, Robin, no – come back, come back
You really really need to pack!)

Yep, ladies and germs, you cannot fathom how much there is to do –
Heaven help us, it’s hard to look
but horror of horrors, yes, ’tis true
She’s Like-Share-Post-zoning out on Facebook!

Halleluia! Logged off, she did!
Back to the closet purge, more to rid –
But, golly- No! Can it be?
From closet she’s emerged, ready to —
R.U.N? (no, no, no – not again!)

Run, Robin, Run
Medicate. De-stress. Pump adrenaline.
Sweat, burn, breathe this icy air
When you get back, all that stuff will still be there there there –


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