Dreaming Old-New & Blue

I came across an old, completely forgotten poem I wrote once-upon-a-dream, back-in-the-day…..

blue bird moon

New Blue Moon

A blue moon bade her
the year past
good night

As slumber images
beckon dreams
to the fringes and verges
of other consciousness
and multi-realms of
midnight possibiities

Dangling from her shadowlight
encounters the blue-speckle textured
archetypal tri-door-a box

Gentle, sure, steady fingers
remove each intricate latch
til three portal angles,
(each inviting her in)
clandestine teal – mesmerous blue – blue
three door charms
finally open, converge

and from its cage nest
doth emerge

mythic unfettered feathers
gracious wing expanse,
cerulean satin,
cobalt woven azure
blends of majestic royal
infinite layers of iridescent indigo
gleaming and colliding
cross its massive wing presence,
emanating truth and beauty and love

gliding, soaring, merging with the moon
as one,
showing her (if she’ll only see)
lapis promises
of magical flights,
waiting here in the new,
amidst the blue.

This reminds me of a season when I diligently, passionately transcribed my dreams, honoring them with poetry & dialogue amidst a playground created by teacher-author-guide, Robert Moss and the dreamers (like me) who found ourselves dreaming in community. A beautiful past, present, future still summonsing me….

Saturday, May 10, 2014 is World Day of Active Dreaming. Stay tuned for details on dreaming in community. As an Active Dreaming Teacher, I will be inviting you to join me and the world in catching, connecting, playing with and honoring our wildest, bluest, most delicious dreams.

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