FREE Fear-less Writing Telesummit

free-300x160First a GIGUNDO-MONGOUS thank you to Cora Vasseur for creating The FREE “Fear-less Writing Telesummit” and for inviting ME to share my expertise, especially related to feeling “Not Good Enough.” You can listen to my pre-recorded interview on Cora’s FREE Tele-Summit designed especially for Writers tonight at 7:00pm, CST (that’s 8:00pm, for me in EST). Click here for VIP access:

Cora Vasseur created this 21 day Telesummit for Writers when she realized that the common denominator amongst all her explanations and excuses for not being where she desired to be with her writing career was FEAR. When she realized that fear was keeping her stuck, she boldly concocted a plan to enlist 21 experts to discuss the infinite faces of fear in this field. The conversations she had with me and 20 other amazing experts resulted in this FREE “Fear-less Writing Telesummit: Empower Your Creative Genius and Unleash it on the World.

I won’t lie. At first, it triggered my own fears to step into this amazing group of “experts.” Claiming the title of “expert” on anything is something that typically makes me shudder and shy away. However, as my topic was “feeling not good enough,” it was pretty straightforward to plow in and own full-on “expert” status! Ha!

Seriously, feeling “Not Good Enough” as a writer (or anything, really) is a topic that has simultaneously plagued and inspired me the majority of my life. It is, in fact, the primary reason I am now a Creativity Coach and Collaborator. What an honor and privilege to have this opportunity to bring some of what I’ve learned into the bright shining light and to share with others the hints, tricks, tips, strategies and approaches that have helped and continue to help me rally and overcome – and help others do so as well.

When you register for the call, you will also gain access to the other 20 experts and the fascinating, useful, powerful wisdom they have to offer about dealing with fear in writing. You don’t want to miss this! There hasn’t been a telesummit like this, exclusively about writing and fear. Click the link and join me!

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