Hello & Welcome!

I’m Robin OK!
(My full name is Robin O‘Neal Kissel, so “OK” are my initials…. get it?)


I give people permission to LAUGH & DREAM

I encourage, INSPIRE, trust, BELIEVE & shine

And I work (though it feels like play) with Creatives and Creative Wanna-Be’s.

People who are up to being their truest, most authentic and productive selves… writers, artists, musicians, dancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms (and dads!)… The list goes on because…

If you have been STUCK, OVERWHELMED and/or AFRAID to pursue your dreams, I can help.

As one who has spent most of my life avoiding my own creative truths, I totally understand the many facets of the creative process – from desperate & dejected to zooming “in the zone” – and every funky place-between. It’s all normal. You are not alone.

So the QUESTION is… Are you READY?
….READY to connect with your CREATIVITY & inner JOY?
….READY to LAUGH more & see your DREAMS coming true?

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Is Robin Really Ok?

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There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
~Douglas Everett